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“Sahms Co. is about empowering Stay-at-Home Moms to feel good about themselves and what they have to offer the world. Being a Stay-at-Home Mom doesn't have to be limiting or limited!”

Jane Miller


Motivation Inspiration & Support for Stay-at-Home Moms

Do you feel “stuck” at home but still crave freedom?

Let’s change that!

SAHMS CO. is here to help you relieve the stress while finding the positive mindset to go on. 

These skills will help you not only live a happier and healthier life, but also help you achieve your goals.



Hi, I’m Victoria. Sahm of 3 and I’m here to help you, whether you’re tiered of feeling stressed out, want to boost your confidence, want to improve your relationships or parenting, or want to start a business.


Do I have to be a Stay-at-Home Mom to join?

Currently, Sahms Co. is open to both current and prospective Sahms. They are invited to join for access to the exclusive products and services. 


How can Sahms Co. help?

I strongly believe that no matter how you decide to face your Sahm-related challenges, it all starts with your wellness mindset.

Sahms Co. is here to support you along the way in ways that fit your lifestyle.

How much does it cost to join?

At the moment you can join Sahms Co. for free. Feel free to check our updated list of services to confirm your choice.


Whether you’re curious about how you can live a better Sahmness, want a sneak peek, or even just need to talk, we’re here to answer any questions.