it's about us

Because when Stay-at-Home Moms decide to start a business, it's never just only about the money...

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It's Not About Me; It's About Us!

Motivation. Inspiration. Support.

Not feeling like you are doing “enough” to provide for your family, financially or emotionally? Or constantly complaining of not having enough time? 

But what if? 
What if you could do something great, something wonderful, even turn things around while still caring for your family?

A Positive Initiative

Hi, I’m Victoria, and I help Stay-at-Home Moms live a more fulfilling “Sahmness”. 

What makes it so unique and effective is the positive mindset, tips and shortcuts I share to help you achieve your goals, while still caring for your family. 

Sahms Co. promotes and expects a non-judgmental and supportive attitude from participants. If you’re interested in joining or would like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to get in to

“Don’t overcomplicate things, just go with a flow of positivity and determination! ”

Emily Davis